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Monday, April 30, 2012

Valuable Natural Resources - Rainforest Plants

Waterfalls are example for natural resources
Waterfalls are example for natural resources (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rainforest plants are valuable natural resources. It has been estimated that rainforest contains 80 percent of the green flowering plants. And there may be more than 750 types of trees and 1500 species of high plants in 2.5 acres of rainforest.

The rainforest is located in tropical regions, where the climate is warm and moist and the light is adequate. From the light, plants can get energy through photosynthesis, which can convert the sunlight to energy. So rainforest has abundant plants.

Apart from the plants, there are also many species of animals in the rainforest. The plants offer rainforest animals not only food to eat but also shelter. Large numbers of rainforest plants and the energy stored in them make it easy for rainforest animals to survive, which contribute to the abundance of rainforest animals. The relationship between plants and animals is complex. They depend on each other. Without plants, animals will not have food and shelter. However, if animals do not exist, plants will lose the balanced ecosystem which is critical to their evolvement.

From the above we can know that plants in rainforest are indispensable to animals. Besides, they are also critical to human. To begin with, the plants provide us with large quantity of wood. Throughout the world, the industry is developing with incredible speed. However, development of industry needs plentiful wood with which we can produce goods like firewood and wood pulp or use them for fuel. In addition, they also provide us with various foods like coffee, chocolate, banana, and so on. Last but not least, they can also be treated as medicine. Long before the prescription medicines have made it to the mainstream, most rainforest plants are being used as medicine. In ancient times, they cured a variety of illnesses. Even today, the world still makes use of several plants to produce medicine.

As the valuable natural resources, rainforest plants also create a good atmospheric environment. On one hand, they are the main source of oxygen, which is the indispensable element for all the living things. On the other hand, they absorb a lot of carbon dioxide. As is known to us, the greenhouse effect which is mainly caused by carbon dioxide is serious. However, large numbers of plants in the rainforest can absorb redundant carbon dioxide effectively, which can relieve the problem to some extent.

I can't imagine what our society would be like without rainforest plants. So we have the responsibility to cherish and protect them!

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